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Cheng Man Ching’s grave Taipeh, Taiwan

Cheng Man Ching’s Funerary Biography

When Cheng Man Ching unexpectedly died in 1975, he was buried with a traditional ceremony, which included the writing of a so-called funerary biography.

Cheng Man Ching

Cheng Man Ching – A short biography

Cheng Man Ching was a Chinese Doctor, Master of Taijiquan and a passionate calligrapher, poet and painter. He is the author of numerous own books and is regarded as the ghostwriter of Yang Chengfu’s book on form and application of Yang Style Taijiquan.

Cheng Man Ching Forum

Cheng Man Ching Forum

2nd European Cheng Man Ching Forum 31st July – 6th August 2004 in Hannover (Germany) The year 2000 saw the centenary of the birth of the late Professor Cheng Man Ching who was one of the most renowned exponents of taijiquan in the western world. Cheng originally studied with Yang […]