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Activating Upper & Lower Dan Tien

The Moebius Strip – Activating the Upper and Lower Dan Tien (Dantian) The Moebius Strip The Moebius strip is a graphic depiction first created in 1800 by the German mathematician August Ferdinand Moebius. As well as symbolizing infinity it represents the indissoluble unity of material and spiritual dimensions of reality: […]


Introduction Biospirals See also the video at the end of this article! Life All forms of live are maintained and sustained by a central energy that originates from Essence and expresses itself according to a rhythm: Basic (Primary) Breathing. While performing Tai Chi and Biospirals students trace spirals around the […]

Sphera Elikoides Meditaion

Before practicing Biospirals Meditation it can be useful to meditate on the Sphera Elikoides We, like all other beings, are expressions and instruments of creativity. The Universe is immutable in its expression of infinite vibration of cosmic “Chi”, it’s force and essence. Living and non-living things are systems and processes […]

The Biospirals® Pa Tuan Chin

The Biospirals Pa tuan chin is a series of 8 movements created in order to activate the bodies primary Axis whilst softening and lubricating all the joints, as it brings the physical and energetic body to interact in unity through synchronized, harmonic movements. In terms of energy, the Primary Axis […]

Biospirals Method

The Biospirals Method created by Master Franco Mescola, Italy The Biospirals Method was born after in depth study of Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung. Through a series of meditations, breathing exercises and sequences based on the spiralling movements of energy in nature. The Biospirals Method strengthens the vital energy thus […]