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Qigong & Cancer HealingI can tell you categorically that I do not teach Qigong to cancer patients in order to cure their cancer. Claims of curing cancer with Qigong are not only bold but dangerous and irresponsible. They prey on the vulnerable and desperate. Even the more well known ‘cancer curing’ Qigong methods like the Gui Lin Walking Qigong has no real scientific basis for claim.
So why would I teach Qigong to cancer patients at all? Because I believe that Qigong has a multitude of benefits that can have a huge positive effect on people’s lives. It can, and it does! There are however a number of factors to take into serious consideration.

Personal experience with Qigong and cancer

My name is Simone and I was diagnosed with CUP-syndrome in 2012 and with breast cancer with a genetic mutation in 2015. In convalescent care, a made my first contact with Qigong and I realised that it is very good for me. For in Qigong one learns to concentrate on […]

The interview with Faye Yip part 13 - Future plans


On June 30th 2012 I was diagnosed with a squamous cell carcinoma on the oesophagus – considered at the time to be terminal. After five weeks of daily radical chemo and radiotherapy I was left to recover as best I could until a consultant appointment was made to deliver the […]


Qigong Influence on own Cancer

I was initially diagnosed with prostate cancer with metastasis in the spine 4 years ago in early 2014. At this point, I was completely unaware of the existence of qigong. The following year was spent in and out of hospital. Progress of the cancer was duly halted thanks to medication […]

Qigong & Cancer Healing

Qigong & Cancer Healing

I have been a practitioner and teacher of Qigong (Yangsheng) for many years. In the scheme of things I am reasonably well qualified and have a great deal of experience. For the past few years I have been teaching Qigong professionally to cancer patients at a Maggie’s Cancer Care Centre. […]

Qigong studies – background and significance

Qigong and healing part 3 – Qigong studies – background and significance This part explains how Qigong studies refer to their subject Qigong (What is Qigong?). The most common kind of study is explained and its background and significance is explored. Qigong research – What is Qigong? A practical problem of […]