Chinese tea

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How to drink Kung Fu Cha together 一起來喫茶

You can drink Kung Fu Cha in a small separate group or even together with everybody around. As a rule, it is relatively formless. You just try, with whomever, to join in a quiet place selected for the occasion and create a relaxed, recreative space for a more or less […]

Chinese tea

Kung Fu Cha: Getting together to enjoy tea in a gentle way

The positive aspects of tea drinking are best demonstrated in a gathering. Instead of a strictly regulated “ceremony”, which is prevailing in the Japanese or Korean tradition, “Kung Fu Cha” is built around active relaxation forms: having a chat, getting grounded, enjoying and letting go. After a period when the […]

Effects of tea and its chemical components

Where do these effects come from? One relevant aspect are the chemical components of the Chinese tea, a second aspect is the aspect of growing, producing and preparing tea with all the knowledge and cultivation already contained therein – gong fu cha, the science or art of the tea. Above all, […]

Chinese tea

Chinese tea

Chinese tea – Camellia sinensis (L.) Kuntze Drinking tea has been spread beyond the region of today’s China since the 6th century. Today it is a global phenomenon and cannot be claimed anymore as something specifically Chinese. However, Chinese tea influenced the way in which many people on the globe […]

Yi-Chun Hwang (Berlin, Germany) – Tea

Yi-Chun’s life and work Yi-Chun, born in 1970, is a learned horticulturist and landscape architect. Back in 1996, in her Tai Chi School in Berlin, she rediscovered her love of tea. Her first memories about tea are connected to her Grandfather who introduced her to traditional Oolong tea. Later, during […]