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8 Health Exercises

8 Health Exercises after Sha Guozheng This set of 8 health exercises doesn’t leave you wishing more: It is easy to start learning and offers quite a lot if you do understand to take the poetic titles of each exercise as your script/direction and let them be unfolded! Practicing these eight health […]

Six Healing Sounds Qigong Instructions plus easy to follow Videos

Six Healing Sounds Qigong Instructions plus easy to follow Videos

This online series “Six Healing Sounds Qigong (Liuzijue)” contains easy to follow videos of Qigong movements and exercises, accompanied by straightforward instructions. These movements are suitable for all ages and abilities to learn at home (always take your own circumstances and doctor’s advice into consideration!). The six sounds are: Six […]

The Third Sequence of the Biospirals Method

This sequence of the Biospirals Method consolidates the principles of the Biospirals Method as it integrates the Methods breathing technique; Three Membrane Breathing, the meditative walk; the Empty Step, and part of the Second Sequence with the aim to activate and harmonies the visible and invisible systems of the body by […]

5 Animal Qigong

Health Qigong – Wu Qin Xi – The Five Animal Frolics Brief History Wu Qin Xi (五禽戏) – The Five Animal Frolics can be regarded as the earliest form of Medical Qigong in Chinese history, dating back to Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220). The creation of Wu Qin Xi was attributed […]

Chinese Exercises

Chinese Exercises in Ditan Park in Beijing Visit any park in China between the hours of 6:00 – 9:00 and you will see 100s of people of all ages and physical conditions doing all kinds of exercises. Most of us are familiar with a few taijiquan and qigong systems which […]