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Laura Stone Interview part 4

    It seems dangerous to me to silence the reptilian brain? Of course there are limits, in a life-threatening situation you have to have that reaction. You have to be aware of your reaction; in the end everything happens in a split second. In T’ai Chi there is a […]

Laura Stone Interview part 3

  Grandmaster Chen has been coming to the Netherlands since 1978? Yes, and in ’87 I came with him to Europe, to Cornelia Gruber in Switzerland, to Amsterdam where Maartje van Staalduijnen was active, and to Bremen, the school of Luis Molera. After that I went to Sweden for two […]

Laura Stone Interview part 2

  You were visually affected again? This is interesting; you connect it to the visual but it is what I feel at that moment, something happens to me kinesthetically. I’m not that good at connecting to T’ai Chi with images. It’s more like seeing how it feels and imitating that; […]

Laura Stone Interview

Laura Stone Interview (part one) from December 2018 by Connie Witte. This interview was published in the TQT (Dutch Taijiquan magazine) and translated by Laura Stone. Quotes interspersed in this interview with Laura Stone: Music and T’ai Chi Chuan came together for me in calligraphy. Learning from Grandmaster Chen is […]

Laura Stone Interview part 5

    Why T’ai Chi athlete? I don’t look like an athlete, but I do have that awareness. I’m a T’ai Chi athlete, not in competition, that’s not my thing, but in precision, in how you can control your body. People have told me that they expect a completely different […]

Laura Stone

Laura Stone has been active as a T’ai Chi Ch’uan practitioner and teacher since 1972. She is fascinated by soft, grounded contact, flowing movement and the creation of space, everything to experience the connection with our innate natural balance and power. At the same time, by training in T’ai Chi […]