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Tai Chi Aspects

Tai Chi Aspects

Tai Chi Aspects and Meditation in Motion Tai Chi Aspects are single images and concepts on which one may concentrate while doing the form. They are tools for form refinement. By and by, they will combine into a moving kaleidoscopic picture. The flow of practicing – Practising the flow In […]

Tai Chi is „swimming in air“

Cheng Man Ching’s way of teaching (3): On meditation

Our idea of meditation is mainly influenced by two aspects, the visual and the practical aspect. The mind’s uniform picture of a meditating person is someone sitting still in a peaceful environment, in a monastery or on a mountain. Concerning the practical aspect of meditation, the ideas vary. The meditation […]

Taoist Sexual Meditation

Taoist Sexual Meditation: Connecting Love, Qi and Spirit The Invitation I was a nineteen-year-old hotshot martial arts champion. It was the 1960s, and I had managed to get myself introduced to the legendary tai chi, hsing-i and bagua master, Wang Shu Jin. Amazingly, he was willing to take me on […]