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tag Qigong Exercises: Qigong is an excellent exercise system for the mind, body and spirit for people of all ages and physical conditions.

Under the tag “Qigong Exercises” you’ll find Qigong routines for beginners and advanced with instructions and videos from various systems and schools. In our free download section you’ll find pdf’s for your training as well.

Qigong Beginner Guide

Don’t miss our guide for beginner. In our Qigong Beginner Guide you will find tips for your journey in the world of Qigong.
These articles series is written for Qigong and Taijiquan beginners. Here you will find a lot of tips like “How to prepare your trail lesson” or “How to find a good teacher”.

Easy to follow Qigong exercises for the complete beginner

Welcome to the ‘Basic Qigong for beginners’ series. This online series contains easy to follow videos of Qigong movements and exercises, accompanied by straightforward instructions. These movements are suitable for all ages and abilities to learn at home.

Activating Upper & Lower Dan Tien

The Moebius Strip – Activating the Upper and Lower Dan Tien (Dantian) The Moebius Strip The Moebius strip is a graphic depiction first created in 1800 by the German mathematician August Ferdinand Moebius. As well as symbolizing infinity it represents the indissoluble unity of material and spiritual dimensions of reality: […]


Hip Rotations This is a daily ‘must do’ exercise for all! As simple as it may seem it is very effective at easing tension in the lower back and hips. This is particularly valuable for people who sit or stand still for long periods of time. As well as loosening […]



This is a fantastic little Qigong exercise for stretching and opening through the whole body, all the way from the fingers to the toes. It also introduces controlled breathing, in coordination with the movements of the body. It is a great ‘wake up’ exercise, filling the body with breath and […]


Shoulder & Hip Loosening with Body Rotation This exercise serves to loosen the shoulder and hip joints. We do this by guiding the movement from the lower part of the body and directing it all the way to the finger tips. When practicing Qigong it is important to be soft […]


The shoulders joints along with the associated bones, muscles and ligaments play a very important roll in the practice of Qigong and in our day to day activities. The shoulder area can accumulate a great deal of tension. This results in restricted movement and reduced strength, as well as causing […]


This wrist rolling exercise is designed to loosen the wrist joints. The exercise helps to promote softness and flexibility through the wrists, but if performed correctly, the exercise will work on movement and softness along the whole length of the arms, from the shoulders to the fingertips. As always we […]


INSTRUCTIONS & VIDEO This finger stretching exercises helps to promote strength and flexibility through all of the fingers equally. As we dominate with one hand over the other in our daily activities and even ‘work’ some fingers over others, this exercise will encourage balance. Begin with feet apart and the […]

Learn Qigong Online

Qigong for Beginners

Introduction to basic Qigong for beginners Easy to follow Qigong exercises for the complete beginner Why start Qigong? More about Qigong Basic Qigong for beginners – free videos & instructions Recommended reading on Qigong for beginners Easy to follow Qigong exercises for the complete beginner Welcome to the ‘Basic Qigong […]

5 Elements Qigong

5 Elements Qigong – Videos and instructions Video 5 Elements Qigong – Full sequence In this video, Franziska Rüscher is showing the full sequence of the 5 elements qigong set in silence. Individual instructions for each of the five exercises can be found below, accompanied by separate videos. This version […]

Luohan Gong

Luohan Gong – Qigong from the Shaolin Temple This very old and interesting form of Qigong originates form the Shaolin Temple and is named after the 18 legendary guards of Buddhism. In this form of Qigong the various influences from Indian Yoga are still clearly visible. Luohan Gong is the mother […]