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tag Qigong Exercises: Qigong is an excellent exercise system for the mind, body and spirit for people of all ages and physical conditions.

Under the tag “Qigong Exercises” you’ll find Qigong routines for beginners and advanced with instructions and videos from various systems and schools. In our free download section you’ll find pdf’s for your training as well.

Qigong Beginner Guide

Don’t miss our guide for beginner. In our Qigong Beginner Guide you will find tips for your journey in the world of Qigong.
These articles series is written for Qigong and Taijiquan beginners. Here you will find a lot of tips like “How to prepare your trail lesson” or “How to find a good teacher”.

Easy to follow Qigong exercises for the complete beginner

Welcome to the ‘Basic Qigong for beginners’ series. This online series contains easy to follow videos of Qigong movements and exercises, accompanied by straightforward instructions. These movements are suitable for all ages and abilities to learn at home.

Taiji Qigong Ronnie Robinson

Taiji Qigong also called Shibashi Taiji Qigong or Shibashi is one of the most popular and simplest to learn qigong systems. Consisting of 2 sets of 18 Movements, usually referred to as Taiji Qigong 1st 18 and Taiji Qigong 2nd 18 they are a series of individual movements that are […]

Relaxation two person back exercise

Partner Back Exercise With Pim van den Broek and Angela Menzel Back problems account for a large proportion of health injuries today and are one of the main causes of absenteeism from work in the western world. Much of this is due to our increasingly sedentary lifestyle and reduced exercise […]

Qigong at home for free

Leg Loosening Exercise – Faye Li Yip

1 Minute Leg Exercise – Faye Li Yip Today, as many of us lead predominately sedentary lives we leave ourselves more open to potential problems like weight gain, poor circulation and tiredness. Over the course of these pages we include a selection of simple, yet highly effective Qigong exercises to […]

Qigong at home for free

Qigong Upper-Body Wake-Up Exercise

2 Minute Qigong Upper-Body Wake-Up Exercise by Faye Li Yip In this video Fay Li Yip guides you through a simple, 2-minute, qigong routine designed to loosen, your neck and shoulders, and wake up your upper body. As we tend to hold a lot of stress in our shoulders and […]

Qigong at home for free

Qigong Exercises

A selection of practical Qigong Exercises Qigong Exercises: Qigong is an excellent exercise system for the mind, body and spirit for people of all ages and physical conditions. However, with such an incredible number of systems, offering an incredible array of methods to improved health, well-being and self-cultivation, it can […]

Seasonal Qigong

Seasonal Qigong – ‘Living in tune with nature’s changes’ Seasonal Living is something that would never have been talked about 250 years ago. We got up when it was light, went to bed when it was dark, ate local produce when it was in season and joined in with the […]

Qigong overview

Qigong (Chi Kung) – A Comprehensive Overview 10,000 Qigong methods The Map The Roots and Traditions of Qigong The Roots Legendary or ancient – Historic – Contemporary The Tradition Fitness and Health Medical Qigong Daoist Qigong Buddhist Qigong Martial Qigong The Body in Qigong Dynamic, Form and Focus in Qigong […]