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Tai Chi Benefits

Tai Chi – An aid to Parkinson’s Disease Since 2006 I, and other qualified members of P.M.C. Association, founded by me more than 10 years ago, have been regularly running Tai Chi Chuan (TCC) classes dealing with tai chi benefits which has led me to work with Parkinson’s disease patients […]


The Tai Chi and Chi Kung Forum for Health

The Tai Chi and Chi Kung Forum for Health (UK) provides training for taiji and qigong teachers who wish to teach people who are living in or spending their days in residential homes, hospitals, hostels, prisons, day centres and shelters. The students may have visual impairment, aural impairment, physical difficulties, […]

Tai Chi and Falls Prevention

Why Tai Chi classes can be so effective For the elderly, the risk and consequences of falling can seriously reduce quality of life, their physical and mental health as well as independence. There is a huge cost to the NHS in both treating the resultant injuries, which can make up […]

Tai Chi for Health

Good health is considered to be a state where one is free from disease, well balanced and in a good place in the body, mind and spirit. In the work of Chinese Internal Arts there are a myriad of methods for improving and maintaining a healthy state of being. Unlike […]

Tai Chi: Paths of Development

Advice for students following their first 18 months training Origins of the article “Tai Chi: Paths of Development” This article is based on a number of talks given to students who have started to study the second stage of our t’ai chi syllabus, which focuses more upon the internal aspects […]

Feeling the Form

Feeling the Tai Chi Form It is quite a difficult task to convey in words or images feelings and subtle movement. This must by its nature, be a very personal account of how one feels when moving through the various postures of a tai chi form. My teacher said to […]

Top 10 Common Tai Chi Errors

Tai Chi Errors When learning tai chi much time can be saved by having a clear sense of what is wrong, where the errors are, and taking the time to understand how best to correct them. It is, unfortunately, very common to see even long-term practitioners repeating the same mistakes […]

10 Tai Chi Tips

Here are 10 basic tips which should help you to get more from your training. Take your time to consider our 10 Tai Chi Tips and try to apply them to your regular practice sessions. Tai Chi Tip 1.  Develop a deeper sense of your body and increase your awareness of […]

Basics of Tai Chi

There are many reasons for practicing Tai Chi and related arts and because of that there is a wide range of people who take up the art with differing ideas of what it is they think it is. There are a number of key tai chi styles and many variations […]