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Prices Taiji Forum 2017

3-Day-Ticket The whole meeting incl. ticket for the gala: 270 EUR Early birds… – Early booking discount Early booking simplifies our planning process! All participants who register and pay before May, 1st 2017 just pay 243 EUR for the 3-Day-Ticket! You’ve got to be 7 friends… – Group Discount For […]

Registration Taiji Forum 2017

Overview: prices and discounts 2 step registration! After you booked you can check your data and press “book now” to complete your registration.

Framework Programme – Taiji Forum 2017

Culture and Interaction: The Framework Programme Exposition – Paintings by Yonghui Deistler-Yi Vernissage: Friday, 08.09., 8 PM, Unser Nachbarin Café My work is rather spontaneous than premeditated. The impulses may stem from a dash of encounters, experiences, insights and moods… I desire the character of the water for it flows […]

Marianne Plouvier

Marianne Plouvier – ARTS MARTIAUX DE YANG TAIJI Marianne Plouvier has begun her practice of Yangjialaojia in 1990. She has been a teacher at different international Taijiquan meetings, amongst others in Italy, Scotland and Bulgaria. Marianne is author of “Le Taichichuan” [Taijiquan] (2012), “Nouvelle Lecture du Taiji Sabre” [A new […]

Antoine Ly

Antoine Ly ARTS MARTIAUX DE YANG TAIJI Antoine Ly has begun practising Yangjialaojia Taiji Martial Arts (the traditional frame of Yang family Taijiquan) in 1972. Since 1977 he has taught in France. Antoine holds the 8th Duan in Internal Chinese Martial Arts. In 2009, he was awarded the Chinese Martial Art […]

Tina Faulkner Elders

Tina Faulkner Elders, Aberdeen (Scotland) – Qigong Tina Faulkner Elders began training as a young child in Gong Fu and Chin Na with her father, Gordon Faulkner. During this time Gordon was also teaching the internal practices and meditations of Mantak Chia. Over the years Gordon would frequently host one of Mantak […]

Gordon Faulkner

Gordon Faulkner Chanquanshu School of Daoist Arts Gordon Faulkner is the Director and Principal Instructor of the Chanquanshu School of Daoist Arts, a school that teaches Yangsheng (nourishing the vital principle) practices that cover martial, medical and meditational arts. Recognised for his outstanding abilities in these fields in both the West […]

Luigi Zanini

Luigi Zanini, Ziran Neigong Quan Luigi Zanini is studying internal and external Martial Arts since almost 40 years, and is still involved in this process. He has been teaching Baguazhang and Neijia in Europe for 26 years now, and since three years Luigi Zanini is passing on the knowledge and the experience […]

Christoph Stumpe

Christoph Stumpe, Shen Men Institut Christoph Stumpe is a graduate sports scientist and director of the Shen Men Institute. He has taught Tai Ji, Qi Gong, Meditation and Chinese Massage for more than 20 years. His training includes stages with different masters and teachers in Germany, Switzerland and the USA as […]