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Tai Chi Exercise for Senior

Tai Chi Exercise for Senior by William C C Chen

The ancient Chinese martial art of Tai Chi Chuan is the perfect callisthenic for today’s seniors. The relaxed and unhurried movements help alleviate nervous and muscular tension. Tai Chi Chuan lubricates joints and promotes automatic body alignment for better control of balance, helping to prevent the instability that can lead […]

Slow motion of Tai Chi Chuan by William C. C. Chen

Tai Chi Chuan, literally meaning “Grand Ultimate Fist,” is one of the most sophisticated Chinese fighting arts. It is a masterpiece of neurophysiology as the brain connects with the fighting devices of the fingers and the toes for punches and kicks. The desire force of Yi毅(力) in the brain amplifies […]

Interview with direct Cheng Man Ching Students

Conversations with the Grandmasters During the course of the Cheng Man Ching Forum 2002 I wanted to arrange interviews with the special guests who were the lineaged Grandmasters that had been very close students of Professor Cheng Man Ching. The Gentlemen concerned were: William C C Chen, Benjamin Lo, Hsu […]

Rooting and relaxation in Tai Chi Chuan

Root on The Three Nails Rooting is everything. It is both base and foundation. It is one of the most important things in life. A good building must have a strong and firm base. A successful company needs a superior foundation. A healthy plant requires a healthy root. To achieve […]

Tai Chi Interview – William C C Chen

In the year 2000 Tai Chi Grandmaster William C.C. Chen was teaching at Tai Chi Caledonia in Scotland, when event organiser and Editor of Tai Chi Chuan magazine (UK), Ronnie Robinson took the opportunity to conduct this interview. At that time Grandmaster Chen has studied Tai Chi Chuan for over […]

Tai Chi Interview – Tiffany Chen

There is a commonly held misperception that tai chi chuan is primarily a soft, gentle exercise system that is not only suitable for the elderly but is actually only for older people. Whilst any serious practitioner is more than aware of the many aspects of the art it still remains […]