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Henrik Jäger (Freiburg, Germany) – I Ching

Henrik’s’s life and work Dr. Henrik Jäger was born in Hameln/Weser and is operating in the area round Trier and Cologne today. From 1981 to 1984, he completed a professional training in I Ching Counselling with Hildegard Laudi at the Dürckheim Centre in Rütte (Grafschaft Dürckheim). Subsequently, he studied sinology, japanology […]

Yang Yunzhong (Hongkong) – Qigong / Water Taijiquan

Yunzhong’s life and work Yang Yunzhong, born in 1962 in the province of Shanxi, has worked as a medical doctor for 10 years, before he chose the path of Taijiquan and Qigong. On his way, he met many well-known masters, among them Pang Ming (Hunyuangong/Zhineng Qigong), Feng Zhiqiang (Chen-Style Hunyuan Taijiquan), […]

Hugo Cardenás (Hannover, Germany) – Qigong

Hugo’s life and work At the beginning of the 70’s, Hugo began to study traditional Gongfu in the chinatown of Lima, Peru. Later, he studied the healing arts with gnosis master Alfredo Vallés. In 1980, Hugo began with his Neijiagong training (internal Gongfu) and some years later he earned the […]

Michael Beck (Hannover, Germany) – TCM / Qigong

Michael’s life and work I was born in 1953 and I am originally from the Saar region. For 20 years now I am a resident general practitioner specialized in methods of natural healing, acupuncture and homoeopathy in Hannover (Germany). During my specialist training as a doctor for natural healing methods, […]

Wang Ning (Frankfurt a. Main, Germany) – Calligraphy

Ning’s life and work Ning is a Calligrapher, a seal cutter, a translator and a Taijiquan teacher. He studied German literature and linguistics in Beijing and is living in Germany since the end of the 80s. Due to his course of life, he is able to build bridges between Chinese […]

Yi-Chun Hwang (Berlin, Germany) – Tea

Yi-Chun’s life and work Yi-Chun, born in 1970, is a learned horticulturist and landscape architect. Back in 1996, in her Tai Chi School in Berlin, she rediscovered her love of tea. Her first memories about tea are connected to her Grandfather who introduced her to traditional Oolong tea. Later, during […]

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Tina Faulkner (Aberdeen, Scotland/UK) – Qigong

Tina’s life and work Tina Faulkner Elders began training as a young child in Gong Fu and Chin Na with her father, Gordon Faulkner. During this time Gordon was also teaching the internal practices and meditations of Mantak Chia. Over the years Gordon would frequently host one of Mantak Chia’s most […]

Faye Yip

Faye Li Yip (Telford, UK) Qigong & Taijiquan

Faye Li Yip’s life and work A highly accomplished female master and a passionate teacher of Tai Chi & Qigong, Faye was born in a famous martial arts family. The most popular 24 Form Taijiquan and the Tai Chi Kungfu Fan are among a number of widely followed Tai Chi […]