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Jo Augustin

Jo Augustin -Zhang Sanfeng Wuguan Jo Augustin (Dao Name: Zhou Xing Dao) 1987 – 2006 Chan Shaolin Si / Since 1990 Taijiquan and Qigong / 1996-2000 Education in Yi Qi Gong by Master Zhi Chang Li and Roland Neumann 1996 Opening the Zhang Sanfeng Wuguan in Mülheim 2003 – 2004 […]

Taiji Forum 2017

Teachers and Themes Taiji Forum 2017

On these pages you will find the teachers and themes of the 2nd Taiji Forum Meeting. February 2017 the whole program will be online. Within the next 2 weeks we publish more information on the teachers and themes via Continue reading →. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or subscribe our Newsletter to be up to date! Jo […]