Taiji Forum Qigong Weeks

Taiji Forum Qigong Weeks

Welcome to the Taiji Forum Qigong weeks!

Whilst working on our new Qigong project with Tina and creating something new, we dived deep into our archives to see what we already got. – And it is a lot! We shared it with some friends, and they agreed: too good to keep these rediscoveries to ourselves. Raising awareness for the Chinese Arts is one of our central goals, so raising awareness for our free stuff feels like a honourable duty.

Join us for a trip into the fascinating world of Qigong, featuring some of Europe’s finest practitioners of the art.
Videos, traditional and modern Qigong sets, Beginners exercises, expert articles, interviews – we will present some of our best content to you over the next weeks.

What to expect? Taiji Forum Qigong Weeks Highlights

Qigong Weeks

Some of our highlights:

  • 8 Brocades Week – International masters demonstrate different 8 Brocades sets – accompanied by our world leading articles
  • Qigong with Tina: Intro First Set „fit for purpose“
  • Tsui’s #wellnesswednesday
  • Yonghui’s Return to Spring
  • Gillian’s Biospirali
  • Finger exercises (3 vids) und 5 loosening exercises by Lau King
  • 8 Health Exercises by Angela
  • …and so much more!

Almost all videos come with detailed written instructions as well. No prior experience needed.
So, this summer, in the mountains, on the beach, after work or first thing in the morning: Learn something new and move along!

How to access our free Qigong video content

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Taiji Forum Qigong Weeks