Taiji Forum Teemill Shop – Announcement

Taiji Forum Teemill Shop

Our Taiji Forum Shirt Shop is on the way – and growing!

We are happy to announce that after some preparation, we have finally launched our Taiji Forum Shirt shop! It has been quite a struggle up to this point, but we are confident we found a solution that both gives US a good feeling about offering high quality products and enables YOU to choose from a ecological variety of alternatives in colour and shapes.

How it went – Challenges on our Way

Qi T-Shirt

We were thinking about making our own shirts for a while. For the shirts of our Push Hands Meeting, we use a hand made screen printing process in cooperation with a local enterprise. – We were already testing some designs, but we had to make the experience that this process could not be upscaled in an economic manner. Either we would have risked too much waste or disproportionately high prices. Also, some questions, like how to guarantee the consistent quality of the shirts with small batches and how to organise the shipping, has always been an issue with a small shop like ours. What to do now?

The solution – Our Taiji Forum Teemill shop

That’s where Teemill came along. Teemill is a UK enterprise that specialises in organic clothing and sustainable production of clothing on demand. Us paring up with Teemill means: You will be able to order your own choice of colour from our designs and your shirt(s) will be promptly printed for you and directly delivered to you as well. Furthermore, you will profit from a professional service and return policy and also a constantly high quality. – Things, which we find very important and which we as a small shop on our own, not specialising in this trade, would struggle to deliver.

Teemill quality standards

printing Chi Shirt

Teemill produces your shirts from organic cotton without any plastic fibers – and without plastic packaging.
Teemill pledge themselves to sustainable development of their production, monitoring their local impact and developing concepts to enhance the ecological and social sustainability in the production region of the raw materials.

Your clothes will be printed in the UK, using renewable energies. When the live cycle of your product is completed, you may even send it back to be recycled and receive a store bonus. If you want, you may also order „remilled“ products – made with these recycled materials!

How to order our Taiji Forum Shirts

The Taiji Forum Shirt shop can be accessed via our online shop system with a link. This will send you directly to our Teemill store – hosted by Teemill, but created by us especially for you!

While your contract partner will be Teemill, a share of the profits goes directly to us. – So if you like our work and would like to support it, consider buying your next shirt from our Taiji Forum Teemilll shop. Some designs are already online – maybe you will find something for you or as a gift for a dear Taiji friend.

Shipping and delivery


Your order will be sent from the UK to your place. Shipping costs depend on where you live.

For all our EU customers worrying about Brexit: All EU deliveries are tax paid and there is no customs duty for orders under €150. EU standard delivery is about 5 to 7 days.

Taiji Forum Shirts – and more

We are still at the beginning of our journey. While there are a few shirt designs already online, we are working on more alternatives for our existing designs and for sure some new ones for the future.

Have a look at our shirt shop here!

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