Smooth Ferrying a Light Boat

Smooth Ferrying a Light Boat

Smooth Ferrying a Light Boat – 轻舟平渡 – Qīngzhōu Píngdù

Insrtuctions for the Qigong Exercise “Smooth Ferrying a Light Boat”

Arms only:lung meridian

Bring the Shāngyáng (LI1) at the thumb and Shǎoshāng (LU11) at the index finger together.
Raise the hands against the body to the top of the chest, at the start of the Lung channel, closing all the Source Points at the wrists.
Pinch the two points (LI1 & LU11) together just before opening the hands.
Push the hands forward and down, opening at the wrists and gradually increasing the pressure to Lung and Large Intestine Source Points.
Allow the arms to move in a smooth cyclic manner, relaxing between cycles without stopping.
Finish at the end of a cycle by bringing the arms to rest by the sides.

Legs only:

Sinking the weight through the right leg. Be sure to lift the heel and point the toes of the left foot before stepping to push the ankle forward and stimulate the Source Points around the ankle.
The left foot steps diagonally to the front/left. When doing so make a deliberate movement through the ankle to pull the toes back before placing the heel down so as to stimulate the Source Points further.
Once the foot is down, shift the weight to the front foot bringing the whole foot down. Turn the body to face the angle of the front foot.
Then bring the weight back, pulling the front toes back to again stimulate the Source Points around the ankle. Turn the body to face the front.
Be sure to keep the torso upright and vertical. Keep the motion of shifting the weight smooth and even.
To close, sink the weight fully through the right foot. The left foot comes in beside the right keeping the body as steady as possible. Once the feet are together and the weight is balanced, raise the body to stand upright.

The same is then repeated to the right side.

Both together:

Breathing in, raise the hands up the body as the weight sinks down and you prepare to step.
Step out.
Breathing out, with effort and shift the weight forward pushing the hands forward and down.
Breath in, draw the weight back, raising the hands against the body.
Repeat so as the body moves forward 3 times.
To close bring the weight back, face the front with the hands against the body at the top of the chest. Bring the feet together.
Then, as the body raises the hands push forward and down coming to rest at the sides.


  • Regulates Lung Qi
  • Stimulates Smooth flow of Qi
  • Aids Transformation and Transportation of Qi

Key Points:

  • Shāngyáng (LI1)
  • Shǎoshāng (LU11)

Author: Tina Faulkner Elders

Tina’s website

Images: Taiji Forum

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