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Webdefinition “Ba Duan Jin” (8 Treasures or Eight pieces of Brocade)

The 8 Brocades (Chinese: 八段錦, pinyin: Ba duan jin, pronunciation) are also called 8 Treasures or Eight pieces of Brocade. The 8 Brocades are one of the most popular Qigong sets. They form part of the Chinese cultural heritage. The Baduanjin routine consist of 8 exercises, which coordinate body (movement), […]

4 Postures - Building Awareness

Push Hands

Push Hands / Pushing Hands / Tui Shou Tui Shou (Chinese: 推手, pinyin tuī shǒu; Wade-Giles: t’ui shou, pronuciation: soundfile), also called Push Hands or Pushing Hands is a two-person training routine, especially in Taijiquan but also in other internal martial arts. Push Hands as a partner exercise provides a possibility to […]


Yangsheng (traditional Chinese: 養生, modernized Chinese: 养生, pinyin: yǎngshēng, Wade-Giles: yang sheng, pronunciation: soundfile) means “care for life” or “nourishing life force”. Yangsheng practices aim to further long living and staying young. They comprise corporeal and breathing exercises as well as teachings on meditation. Meaning of the Chinese characters Yang […]

San Bao

San Bao / Three Treasures San Bao (traditional Chinese: 三寶, simplified Chinese: 三宝, pinyin: sānbǎo, Wade-Giles: san-pao, pronunciation (soundfile)) means „Three Treasures“. In Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine, the expression refers to Jing (essence), Qi (life energy) and Shen (spirit). Video “Calligraphy San Bao” Meaning of the Chinese characters „San“ […]


A Dantian (Chinese: 丹田, pinyin: dāntián, Wade-Giles: tan-t’ien‚ pronunciation) is a centre of Qi (life energy). The Dantian are central points of reference in Qigong, Neigong, Taoyin (Daoist Yoga), internal martial arts and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Depending on the art and the focus of the specific exercise, breathing techniques and/or […]


Qi (modernized Chinese: 气, traditional Chinese: 氣, pinyin: qì, Wade-Giles Ch’i, pronunciation (soundfile)) is the Chinese term for (life) energy, which is part of everything. It is present in the “10.000 things” as well as in living beings, in which it is associated with breath and bodily functions. As a traditional […]


Qigong / Chi Kung Qigong or Chi Kung (simplified Chinese 气功, traditional Chinese 氣功, pinyin: qìgōng; Wade-Giles: chi gong, pronunciation soundfile) is an umbrella term for Chinese health exercises, which aim to coordinate body, breath and mind in order to improve the flexibility of the body, the relaxation in and through movement […]

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Five Elements

The five elements – Wu Xing The five elements or 5 phases (Chinese: 五行 (Video Calligraphy Wu Xing), pinyin: wǔxíng, Wade-Giles: wu3 hsing2, pronunciation (soundfile) – wood, fire, earth, metal and water – are a structural concept of Chinese thought. Their interaction and mutual influence on each other are – apart […]

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Webdefinition (Wiki) of the key terms in the subject area of Chinese Internal (movement) Arts This glossary contains definitions of the key terms in the subject area of Chinese Internal (movement) Arts (CIA) – Taijiquan, Qigong, Wushu, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Chinese philosophy (Daoism, Confucianism), Chinese Calligraphy and Feng Shui. […]