Tai Chi at home

Tai Chi at home

Tai Chi at home? Is it possible to learn Tai Chi online and train at home? It may not be the first choice for all of us, but sometimes – and for some people – it may be the only way. So, why not at least give it a try?
Join us on our journey to create a free Tai Chi online course! We will start with a simple, space-saving form of 8 movements. Later, videos addressing different aspects will enable you to work on your movements and go into deeper layers.

Video “Welcome to Tai Chi at home”

Free Tai Chi at home online course

The first two videos will cover the basic posture and the position of the feet (bow stance), followed by videos for the single movements. For those interested in the intention behind the movements (or the martial application training), we will add the relevant episodes of our #martialmonday project.

  1. Basic postureTai Chi at home
  2. Tai Chi 8 Movements – Posture 1 – Beginning
  3. Tai Chi 8 Movements – Posture 2 – Ward Off Left
  4. Tai Chi Bow Stance
  5. Tai Chi 8 Movements – Posture 3 – Ward Off Right
  6. Tai Chi 8 Movements – Posture 4 – Pull
  7. Tai Chi 8 Movements – Posture 5 – Press
  8. Tai Chi 8 Movements – Posture 6 – Push
  9. Tai Chi 8 Movements – Posture 7 – Open Up
  10. Tai Chi 8 Movements – Posture 8 – Crossing Hands

About the 8 form

The Tai Chi 8 movements are a product of our daily work at the Tai Chi Studio. For more information about the form, see here.

Free PDF Download Graphics Feet Positions

Free Tai Chi online course complete!


Tai Chi Aspects

Tai Chi Aspects are single images and concepts on which one may concentrate while doing the form. They are tools for form refinement and are meant to encourage discovering, trying out of alternatives and learning.

The videos on Tai Chi Aspects have been developed in the course of our “Tai Chi at home” project. All aspects are shortly presented by Nils Klug and and then demonstrated by means of our 8 movement, which has been specially created for the project.

Have fun practising!

Stepping – Tai Chi Aspects

Weight Shifting – Tai Chi Aspects