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Push Hands Beginners Workshop

Push Hands Beginners Workshop

5 day push hands beginners workshop during the 21st International Push Hands Meeting in Hannover Germany. Our bilingual workshop for Push Hands beginners follows a coordinated schedule with matching topics. It is led by Birgit Golze (Wednesday-Friday) and Nils Klug (Saturday/Sunday). Wednesday – Friday (Birgit Golze) I often jokingly refer […]

4 Postures - Building Awareness

Push Hands

Push Hands / Pushing Hands / Tui Shou Tui Shou (Chinese: 推手, pinyin tuī shǒu; Wade-Giles: t’ui shou, pronuciation: soundfile), also called Push Hands or Pushing Hands is a two-person training routine, especially in Taijiquan but also in other internal martial arts. Push Hands as a partner exercise provides a possibility to […]

Why Push Hands

Discussion group on push hands took place at Tai Chi Caledonia The following discussion group on push hands took place in Scotland at Tai Chi Caledonia in June 2007 and was chaired by the organiser of the event, Ronnie Robinson. Ronnie Robinson (RR): Welcome to this push hands discussion group. […]

Push Hands – A Beginners’ Guide

Some students who begin learning tai chi are totally surprised by the introduction of a strange partner practice called pushing hands. They are simply minding their own business, doing everything the teacher says, practising at home every day, learning the moves of the form and feeling quite pleased with the […]