Postures and Continuity

postures and continuity

Push Hands Workshop “Postures and Continuity”

Pushing hands and internal work: postures and continuity is the topic of Mauro’s push hands workshops during the 21st International Push Hands Meeting taking place 4th-8th of May 2022.

The workshops will be divided into two parts:
In the first, shorter and introductory part, we will work on static positions to prepare for pushing hands. It is an “internal work” (Neijia) specific for practitioners of pushing hands, in which we aim to isolate the sensations and the physical and mental attitude, giving ourselves the time to act on tensions and release. These exercises are particularly useful for improving our posture and our general approach.

postures and continuity

In the second part, we will work on connecting some of the most common postures present in the Yang style of Tai Ji Quan and the practice of pushing hands. We will work on one posture per day. – Without focusing on the differences in interpretations between schools, we are looking for continuity between the work of the forms and pushing hands.

Special participation requirements
None. The workshops will be accessible to all levels and especially suitable for beginners.

Teacher Mauro Bertoli

Mauro Bertoli
Mauro Bertoli

Mauro Bertoli started his martial education as a child by studying Judo and Karate, then he moved on to practice Chinese Kung Fu external styles.
In 1987, he started to practice Yang style Taijiquan with Master Chang Tsu Yao.
Following the death of his Master, he began with a long course of study, continuously working with various authoritative exponents of Chinese interior styles, while continuing to deepen the system practiced.

Mauro also started teaching in this period, experimenting with various forms of didactic approach.
In 2001, he made a long study trip to China, practicing with many masters.
In 2013, together with a group of qualified teachers and friends, he founded ARTY, an association that aims to continue research and experimentation within various martial sectors, becoming its president.

Teaching Experience

Mauro participated as a teacher in the 2015/2017/2019 editions of the…

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