Tai Chi for Health

Good health is considered to be a state where one is free from disease, well balanced and in a good place in the body, mind and spirit. In the work of Chinese Internal Arts there are a myriad of methods for improving and maintaining a healthy state of being.


Unlike Western culture, where we tend to look to others to help us to maintain good health, many Eastern disciplines such as tai chi, yoga, qigong etc. lead us to taking more responsibility for our own health and wellibeing, through the encouragement of maintaining a healthy diet, taking regular exercise and complementing physical activities with periods of relaxation and meditation.

It has long been established that through the practice of tai chi chuan, qigong and other related arts we have the tools required to take an active role to maintaining a fit body, a relaxed, yet focussed mind and a good healthy spirit.

Through regular practice of these internal arts we can work to create a loose, supple body that is flexible and able to move in a smooth, fluid manner. We can maintain an alert, engaged mind and a calm, centred demeanour which, when combined together serve as invaluable tools for dealing with the demands of the 21st century!

Through the pages of this site we seek to help you to understand the various methods of Chinese approachs to maintaining a healthy mind and body. These include:

Physical Exercises, Relaxation Techniques, Good Posture Guidance, Meditation Routines, Loosening Exercises, De-Stressing Techniques, Standing Postures.

We include material of interest to all levels from beginner to advanced practitioner looking at key areas:

1. Practical

2. Educational

3. Historical

4. Philosophical

5. Research-based trials

We also include material on all aspects of good health including:


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