Spiritual Qigong


Use of the word ‘Spiritual’ may one to imagine some religious or meta-physical aspects being applied to the practice but in the case of Qigong this is not necessarily so. All Qigong practises include a spiritual component in that there is a sense of connecting to our energy-force or qi-flow by through aspects such as mindfulness and intent.

That being said, whilst all systems of Qigong are working to raise the spirit and provide a clearer sense of purpose and wellbeing there are some practices where the mind is applied to achieve particular results.

In some ‘Hard’ Qigong practices ‘inner’ work is done to allow the body to perform special feats or to withstand blows. Other systems may work to develop sexual energy and with special meditative routines practitioners can attain heightened states of being.

In order to be of good health one should consider all aspects such as physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Through these pages we will feature some of the many approaches to Spiritual Qigong.