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When learning Tai Chi and other Chinese internal arts it is obviously best to attend regular classes and practise on a daily basis. Having a qualified instructor who can show you the correct postures and correct any mistakes is essential if you really want to learn properly. However, for many, it is not always possible to find a good teacher or to attend weekly sessions and this clearly makes the learning process more difficult.

On these pages we include a wide selection of Tai Chi tips by the way of short video clips, provided by key European instructors. These tips cover a variety of aspects of Tai Chi and Chinese internal arts including hand forms, weapons forms, partner-work and meditative work covering differing styles.

Taiji Forum has in the main, especially created the material presented in these film clips. Our aim is to help to educate and inform practitioners of all levels, from beginner to advanced level, irrespective of their style or approach to the art. We will continue to provide clear, concise information to aid you in your practice and allow you to get closer to a deeper understanding of these arts.

Whatever your level it is always beneficial to your training to revisit the essential, basic principles of the art. Here we have film focusing on feet and hand positions, alignment, grounding, Tai Chi weapon handling and body structure. High quality instructors from Sweden, Denmark, Germany and the United Kingdom have provided the material we have featured.

If there are aspects of Tai Chi and other Chinese Internal Arts that you’d like us to include please send us an email or complete the comments forms provided.

We welcome contributions on all aspects of Tai Chi (forms, push-hands, applications, weapon routines etc.) and other Chinese Internal Arts, across all the recognised styles, from instructors working in all ‘European countries.

We are also pleased to feature material on Qigong, Bagua, Hsing-I and other related systems.

Author: Ronnie Robinson

Images: Ronnie Robinson