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#martialmonday 12 – pulling – application (block and) punch

#martialmonday 12 – I’m stuck! v. I’m off then. The point of attention in pulling – application (block and) punch This week we start from another practical application of the movement pull: both hands punch. The exercise For the exercise, we need to build fists instead of the open hands […]

#MartialMonday 4 – bend the bow to shoot the tiger

#MartialMonday 4 Well prepared is half done!? In the Tai Chi form, one key requirement of the movements is fluidity. However, there should be changes as well. To establish a rhythm, it makes sense to divide the movements into preparation (set up) and execution (action). Every posture thus carries with […]

Esoteric Martial Applications of Taiji

HARMLESSNESS, A SUBTLE MARTIAL CONCEPT I am using the word harmless to mean harmless of intent, not cowardly, weak and defenseless. I am discussing a non-threatening trait that will reduce fear, a major cause of antagonism. First do not become fearful and second do not cause fear. If there is […]