Esoteric Martial Applications of Taiji


I am using the word harmless to mean harmless of intent, not cowardly, weak and defenseless. I am discussing a non-threatening trait that will reduce fear, a major cause of antagonism. First do not become fearful and second do not cause fear. If there is nothing to fear from harmless people, there might be a temptation to take advantage of them. So when practicing harmlessness one might need to “firm up” on occasion. As a start, remaining calm might be enough to pause intimidators. If this does not stop an attack then resist with the capacity one is quipped with and only as necessary.

SBC Buddha smiley faceFor harmlessness to work it must be in the heart, at the core of the persona. The development of harmlessness in human community will happen when each of us deals with our own harmful characteristics first before dealing with harmful actions of others. Always consider redemption before destruction. Even in the midst of conflict, the heart and mind should be motivated to keep the peace between individuals and the whole community. With peace and goodwill the “bad apples” might be transmuted into “good apples” by the influence of a good community. This can happen when the influence of good in a community is stronger than evil. Harmlessness is not difficult in friendly situations but very difficult to maintain when accosted by violence on all sides. Sometimes in the struggle of harmlessness against overpowering evil sacrifice is required. Great humans have made this sacrifice, setting an example of harmlessness at the cost of their lives.

To remain calm at all times is the higher goal of Martial Training. Practicing the meditative mind, maintaining detachment, and living fearlessly helps this quest. To be a warrior of goodness, and remain harmless in action speech, and thought takes serious training; it is the highest martial art.

Eliminating harmfulness, contentiousness, competition, and mistrust, and other negative qualities will contribute to the shrinking and possible demise of the enforcement professions. Police, soldiers, and lawyers will move toward extinction.

With no conflicting energies the efficiencies of all human endeavors will dramatically increase. Harmlessness leads away from exploitation and towards service. If harmlessness is a personality trait all personal thoughts, feeling and actions will result in the least harm. This characteristic influences our speech and actions, our walk and expressions. This does not mean to slump our shoulders and have a cowed look but to radiate the friendly fearless confidence of someone that can be approached, trusted, and will help.


The heart is a source of special energy. Our lower animal energies can be drawn up by the mind and transmuted in the heart into goodwill then radiated out in good intention to others. The mind is master of intention and can awaken and radiate the joy accumulated in Taiji practice. The mind is used in Taiji training to awaken and use heart energy in subtle and efficient ways, to be more pervasive, and to extend our envelope of radiant goodwill. The receptive heart/mind can also channel energy from others in the field of energy we are part of. Practicing Taiji with heart energy becomes a pleasure and working with partners in the practice of sensing-hands becomes a friendly useful exchange not a contest. Using the receptive and quiet aspect of this energy in partner exchange we sometimes understand others better than they understand themselves. This subtle energy wells up in us as powerful loving action and reaches out enveloping others, understanding their energy.
The use of the mind for this work can be accomplished quicker with guidance from a teacher who has the understanding and ability to use this heart energy. An instructor wakes this energy in the student’s heart and clears a channel to the mind. Heart energy is magnetic and connects the student with the teacher and the teacher with the student, and partners working together in practice. Of all the energies, heart energy is the easiest for student and teacher to work with. All actions are made more efficient within the aura of this energy.
As a martial force it is unusual. The heart reaches out in the preemptive love of diplomacy, negotiation and mediation. It is the ultimate martial weapon. The goal is always “How can I bring about peace”. Even if powerful physical force becomes necessary it is energized and controlled by the thought of peace. There is real need for this energy so there is a real need to study and practice its” use.


SBC Buddha smiley face

The first and continuous thought of this kind of warrior is “How can I bring about peace”. The core skill is control of energy on all levels of consciousness, from gut feelings to impressions and then expressing this energy in a radiation of physical warmth, right tone of voice, friendly gesture and speech.

Another core skill of preemptive love is magnetism; gathering people into group effort, sharing insights, and generating good ideas to inspire useful work.

These powers of goodwill and magnetism use the preemptive weapons of diplomacy, negotiation and mediation.

Each warrior needs to build his or her connection to the Higher source of right guidance, the very best that is known of human wisdom. As the connection is made the Great Principles of life will be revealed. One principle word to fix in the mind is GOODWILL. It is the sword of the warrior of preemptive love, used to destroy dark thoughts, and dark actions.

The techniques in this final war on the plain of thoughts are:

Rising above the polarities and strife to see the big picture. Becoming informed of all things.
Keeping a beginners mind, open and receptive.
Exercising discrimination, what to keep, what to cast away. Efficient, and intelligent use of subtle force.

Characteristics of the Warrior of preemptive love: Sensitive Dedicated, Enthusiastic, Confident, Serene, Inventive, Mindful, and Fearless

They are there but seldom seen.
Their mission is not recognized.
They spread the light and avoid the light of glamour.
They recognize and effortlessly support each other. Their successes cannot be traced.
They form the great undercurrent of the Will to Good. They know reality and what is eternal.
They are dedicated to efficient selfless service

They will show themselves in the final battle for the mind and heart of humanity.

carrot peeler
Boy offering carrot Picture


*carrot and stick refers to moving a donkey forward by either offering a carrot or poking with a stick.

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Author: Albert Lyman Christensen

Images: Albert Lyman Christensen