International Push Hands Meeting

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Push Hands Beginners Workshop

Push Hands Beginners Workshop

5 day push hands beginners workshop during the 21st International Push Hands Meeting in Hannover Germany. Our bilingual workshop for Push Hands beginners follows a coordinated schedule with matching topics. It is led by Birgit Golze (Wednesday-Friday) and Nils Klug (Saturday/Sunday). Wednesday – Friday (Birgit Golze) I often jokingly refer […]

Hannover Push Hands Meeting 2019

Impressions from the Hannover Push Hands Meeting 2019 This was my first but certainly not last time at the annual Push Hands Meeting in Hannover. I came with “an empty cup”, not knowing what to expect. I´ m not a beginner in Tai Chi, that I have studied for 25 […]