Let’s push! – International Push Hands Meeting single day registration online

The 20th international Push Hands Meeting in Hannover, Germany, will take place from February, 26th to March, 1st 2020. Are you a beginner? Try our 5 day beginner workshop to start from zero and meet people from different countries united in one goal: having fun while being pushed around. You can‘t make the whole meeting? No problem! Registration for single days is open now and you even may change freely between the workshops. All workshops are led by experienced teachers and are thus suitable for later entry / single day participation. Just give it a try!

Programme highlights

Let’s push! - International Push Hands Meeting single day registration online

Friday – opening of the exhibition “Poetry of the lonesome warrior”. This show is Wang Ning‘s first exhibition of calligraphies after many years of artistic seclusion. The artworks merge his close encounter of old Chinese scripts with the art of seal cutting. Don’t miss out on this!

Saturday – Gala with demonstrations of Chinese internal arts and party! Have you ever seen Tai Chi people dancing? 🙂

Workshops and free pushing hands

Morning workshops – Laura Stone, Yonghui Deistler-Yi, Mario Napoli and Nils Klug

Free pushing in the afternoon – As always: the stars are the participants! We are looking forward to meeting old and new faces. Up till now we got registrations from:
Sweden, Germany, UK, France, Canada, Lithuania, Australia, Suisse, Spain, the Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, Czech Republic and Greece.

registration deadlines

As it is our 20th anniversary year, we would advise you to register early, especially if you are planning to come at the weekend. To avoid unnecessary disappointments, please make sure to register online before you arrive!

One more thing: If you want to make sure you get your shirt, we recommend you to register before February, 3rd.

beginners welcome video

Feedback Push Hands Meeting 2017

Exhibition “Calligraphies by Wang Ning”