#WellnessWednesday 5 – Circle Qigong: Exercise 1 The Fingers

#WellnessWednesday 5

The circle is of great importance to many cultures – be it as a symbol for the cycle of life, as a symbol for perfection or when sometimes things seems to go round and round in circles. Also Qigong knows many exercises that work with circles. Tsui worked on a systematic selection of Qigong circles to share them with you from time to time over the next months.
Today‘s exercise 1 works with the fingers.

Circle Qigong: Exercise 1 Circling the fingers

The exercise is as easy as it sounds, but there are some ways to intensify it.

We paint circles into the air with our fingers. We move both hands simultaneously, harmoniously.

While circling the fingers we aim to make nice round circles with the fingertips.

We breath consciously. We work with our imagination: We want to reach the fingers with our breathing movement.

Our breathing is natural. We coordinate breath and movement, finding our rhythm.

Circle with each Finger a few times in one direction, then a few times in the other direction.

After completion: shake your hands out.

Engaging the meridians by conscious circling

#WellnessWednesday - Circle Qigong: Exercise 1 The FingersWith regards to the skin and the connective tissues, it seems obvious that they define the border between our body and the environment and help the body hold its shape. In a comparable way, also the internal organs are securely attached in the body. That means they are embedded in the surrounding tissues and are held in place through bodily connections. Concerning this matter, Chinese empirical medicine has pointed out that there are also connections between the internal areas of the body and the fingers. The meridians of some organs connect the specific organ with the fingertips.

A conscious, slow mobilisation of the fingers is therefore described as having a soothing effect on the internal organs.

Which organ ends where? The meridian ends at the fingers

  • Thumb – Lung
  • Index finger – Large intestine
  • Middle finger – Pericardium
  • Ring finger – Triple Warmer (regulates the glandular system)
  • Little finger – Two meridians: heart and small intestine


Qigong Finger Exercises