#WellnessWednesday 4 – Qigong Closing Exercise

Qigong Closing Exercise

All‘s well that ends well?! All of you that have been following our #WellnessWednesday from the beginning already learned some exercises. But is there an appropriate way to finish my exercise or my series of exercises? This week, Tsui will present a small closing sequence which you may add to any Qigong set.

Qigong Closing Exercise

Touching the sensory organs#WellnessWednesday 4 - Qigong Closing Exercise

Rub your hands to warm them up a little more. Then gently rub your face with both hands. Close your eyes and make circling movements covering all sensory organs, as if you were washing your face. Repeat and stroke across your hair and over the top of your head.

Touching the ground

To come back “down to earth”, we stroke across our body in the direction of the ground, two times.
At the front: Your hands slide down at both sides of the upper body, then down the legs at the front, reaching the toes.
At the back: Straighten up again and slide your hands over the kidneys along the back of your legs towards the heel. Touch the ground.

Pulling your arms

Pull any tension that may be left out of your arm, using one big movement of the opposite hand. Repeat on the other side. Do not when reaching the fingertips – move your hand further, as if you wanted to pull something out of the arms.
At the end, just shake out your hands.

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