#MartialMonday 6 – Shoulder is blocked? Your escape plan

Shoulder is blocked

How do you escape when your shoulder is blocked?

Maybe you now this kind of situation: You notice a move, you think “oh, sh**…” – and then it is already too late. In Push Hands, especially in fixed step Push hands, this situation often occurs when someone tries to “nail” your arm to your body. In exercise mode, one tries to give a soft response – but sometimes, it just does not work out. Now our arm is blocked and the shoulder cannot move freely anymore.

Shoulder blocked

shoulder is blocked – unfavourable for oneself

One option would be to ask our partner to repeat the situation, so that one can try to find another – better – response. But sometimes, it is important to deal with a situation as it is: unfavourable for oneself.
With your shoulder blocked, thinking about the blockage and trying to release the shoulder at this spot does not do any good. Instead, one should act as if one gets pushed at the hip joints, not at the actual contact point. Following the speed and direction of the other‘s push and then adding a tiny bit of speed gives us a logical second to exchange the trapped arm for something else – preferably the other arm.

Have fun with the new video! Maybe you will find the “hidden” Aikido element at the end.