Martial Applications

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#martialmonday 12 – pulling – application (block and) punch

#martialmonday 12 – I’m stuck! v. I’m off then. The point of attention in pulling – application (block and) punch This week we start from another practical application of the movement pull: both hands punch. The exercise For the exercise, we need to build fists instead of the open hands […]

#MartialMonday 4 – bend the bow to shoot the tiger

#MartialMonday 4 Well prepared is half done!? In the Tai Chi form, one key requirement of the movements is fluidity. However, there should be changes as well. To establish a rhythm, it makes sense to divide the movements into preparation (set up) and execution (action). Every posture thus carries with […]

Martial Applications

Tai Chi Martial Applications Tai Chi Chuan, it cannot be denied, was created as a martial arts. The term “Tai Chi Chuan” means “Supreme Ultimate Fist or Boxing.” As the art gains in maturity and popularity more and more tai chi practitioners are able to learn and investigate the benefits […]