#MartialMonday 2 – Seven Star Application

#MartialMonday 2 - Seven Star Application

Welcome back to #martialmonday! This week‘s video shows us training the form application of the last part of our form. One partner does the form, the other provides the matching counterpart. In this prescribed routine the moves of both partners are fixed – at least no surprises here!
In this type of exercise, the focus of learning is on timing, rhythm and last but not least on managing the distance towards the partner. Depending on the chosen distance – close or mid range – the exercise can get more or less intense.
After some basic coordination work, the routine can be sped up – ideally without blurring the single steps into obscurity. The basic rule, however, is not to hit the air and not to try to catch the arm or leg of the partner if it is too far away. In this case the Partners would have to check their distance management again…

Video #MartialMonday 2 – Seven Star Application