High time to push!

#MartialMonday 1 - free pushing handsHigh time to push! – Push Hands Meeting Hannover, Germany

This week, our #martialmonday team is demonstrating the rules for free pushing hands at the International Push Hands Meeting in Hanover, Germany!We are celebrating our 20th anniversary this year and we are looking forward to meeting more than 100 old and new Taiji friends for five days of active, cross-cultural exchange, independent of style and prior experience.

We will meet at the Tai Chi Studio and will start with a session of Qigong in the morning, followed by three hours of workshops. In the afternoon, it is time to mingle in the art hall for three hours of pushing hands. The rules really easy to explain: There are not many of them – just the following! (And, as we are a bilingual meeting: the German version for you as well).

With Ning’s exhibition on Friday and our gala and party on Saturday, our schedule will be quite full. But there will still be enough time to hit the pubs as a Taiji crowd, meet new people and get a good nights sleep in between – or so we hope… 😉

Video Basic Rules for Free Pushing Hands