General Conditions of Use of the Taiji Forum Website

General Conditions of Use of the Taiji Forum WebsiteTaiji Forum is an international web portal for Chinese movement, healing and martial arts in English language. Our range of topics covers: Qigong, Taijiquan and Wushu, i.e. other (internal) Chinese martial arts, as well as the five pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Chinese philosophy, calligraphy, painting and Feng Shui.
Taiji Forum offers a wide spectrum of specialist articles, reviews, pictures and videos, which are accessible free of charge for the visitors of the website. Content in German language can be found on our German sister-site.

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Moreover, the web portal contains a database of the Chinese arts listing Schools, practices for TCM and teachers as well as a directory of national and international organisations as e.g. networks and associations. Registered users are able to publish their own entries and pictures in the database and the event calendar. Organizers of workshops and meetings can add their events to the Taiji Forum event calendar for advertising purposes.
Taiji Forum connects organisations, teachers and schools, practitioners and amateurs via the worldwide web. It encourages and supports the exchange of knowledge and experiences relating to the Chinese arts. To that end Taiji Forum is the host of two annual international exchange events: the international Push Hands Meeting in spring and the Taiji Forum Meeting in autumn.
Among the most important guidelines of Taiji Forum are credibility, tolerance and respect. As a general rule, the content of the contributions has to be accurate and truthful. We do not accept content that insults, ridicules or personally attacks other people. In the spirit of exchange and mutual understanding we do neither support nor condone any racist, sexist or discriminating content or attitude, nor views glorifying violence.

1. General provisions
1.1 Taiji Forum is operated by Taiji Forum, Nils Klug, Zur Bettfedernfabrik 1, 30451 Hannover, Germany unterhalten.
1.2 These general provisions apply to all online services of Taiji Forum on the website and its subpages.
2. Scope of use
2.1 The web portal (portal) is generally accessible for the user 24 hours a day. However, due to server overload or system errors, failures or maintenance periods of the website can occur. A permanent availability of the portal is not guaranteed. Any claims for damages on grounds of the non-availability of the website are excluded.
2.2 Taiji Forum reserves the right to restrict or to cancel services for the user at any time as well as the right to exclude individual users from the use of services of the website. This shall not give rise to a right of the user to claim any damages.

3. Taiji Forum Newsletter
For the subscription for the Taiji Forum Newsletter the user has to provide an email address. This email address is saved separately and is not passed on to third parties. The subscriber then receives an email containing a link for confirmation of the subscription. Unsubscription from the newsletter is possible at any time by clicking on the link provided in the newsletter.

4. Registration
4.1 Searching, reading and watching picture and film data is possible without registration of the user. Registration on the portal is required to publish content. There is no right/entitlement to register and to use the portal.
4.2 The registered user is obliged to confidentiality concerning his/her access data, especially the password. A change of password is possible and is recommended at a regular basis.
4.3 In the registration process the user is obliged to truthfully provide all required personal, business-related or organizational information. Additionally, the user affirms with his registration that he/she is authorised to represent the school/practice/organisation in question. Taiji Forum reserves the right to verify that the information is correct and to demand evidence from the user. If the user does not provide the required evidence within a reasonable period of time, Tajij Forum is authorized to delete the user’s content and to exclude him/her from the use of the database and the event calendar.

5. Uploading, lawfulness and rights of use of content
5.1 Upload of user content
After successful registration, the user is authorised to publish content such as texts, pictures and films on the portal.
5.2 lawfulness of content
5.2.1 The user is legally responsible for all content uploaded by him/herself. By uploading the content the user assures that he/she does own all necessary rights and that there do not exist any rights of third parties that conflict with the specific use of the content on the portal. Content protected by law may not be used except when the user is specifically entitled to do so. Content protected by law also includes e.g. content which is protected by trademark law, patent law or copyright law. Content which violates the conditions of use of Taiji Forum or which is unlawful/illegal must be removed immediately by the user.
5.2.2 The user is allowed to upload content which contains links to other websites provided that the linked websites do not violate these conditions of use. The user is legally responsible/liable for both the uploaded content and the therein contained links. In addition, the user declares that he/she is right holder or authorised person concerning all data of the linked websites (including e.g. texts, pictures, films) and that he/she is authorised to link the website. The user shall release Taiji Forum from obligations arising from eventual claims of third parties due to the users’ linking of content.
5.2.3 The uploaded content has to refer to Qigong, Taijiquan, TCM or other Chinese (movement, healing or martial) arts or closely related issues. Moreover, it has to be truthful and accurate and may neither be insulting nor defamatory or discriminatory. Pornographic, obscene, sexist and racist content is explicitly excluded. The uploaded content may not violate human dignity or the rights of third parties.

5.2.4 The user commits him-/herself to always keep content which is published in the event calendar or the database of the Chinese arts (e.g. announcements of workshops, addresses) up to date.
5.2.5 The user shall release Taiji Forum from all obligations arising from eventual claims of third parties due to the users’ uploading of content or linking to content of third parties. Taiji Forum is entitled to delete uploaded content without giving any reasons.
5.3 Copyrights and rights of use
5.3.1 All content, especially texts, illustrations, sound and image data as well as video stills and sequences, are protected by copyright. For reasons of copyright it is strictly forbidden to reproduce the content published on the portal in total or any part of it except for private use, as well as to modify, to copy, to republish, to transmit or to spread the content or its elements in any form whatsoever.
5.3.2 Every user is obliged to respect the copyright of other users. Publicly accessible content may not be reproduced or spread on other platforms, web services of any kind or on other media without prior consent of the user from whom the content in question originates. However, every user is allowed to copy content for private use or to reproduce and to spread brief extracts of entries for purposes of information or research. In these cases, the names of the website and the user from whom the reproduced and spread content originates have to be mentioned.
5.3.3 The user irrevocably grants Taiji Forum the non-exclusive, unrestricted right of usage for the uploaded content on Taiji Forum and for other media with which Taiji Forum cooperates. Moreover, Taiji Forum reserves the right to use uploaded content commercially for advertising, print and online media and DVD productions. The content can be published, copied, modified and translated by Taiji Forum naming the user name/name of the author. If the contractual relationship between the user and Taiji Forum is ended, the uploaded content can still be used by Taiji Forum without any restrictions in the future.
5.4 Entries in the database of the Chinese Arts
5.4.1 Entries in the database of the Chinese Arts can exclusively be made by the person(s) mentioned in the entry or person(s), which are either appointed as official representatives of the teacher, practitioner, school or organisation mentioned in the entry or which have permission to act on their behalf.
5.4.2 Users which want to create an entry in the database of Chinese arts have to fulfil the following criteria: They have to be teachers of Taijiquan, Qigong or other Chinese (internal) (martial) arts or practitioners or teachers of TCM, Feng Shui or other Chinese arts, as e.g. movement, healing or martial arts. In addition of entries by individual persons, entries by schools, natural healing practices/naturopaths working with TCM and organisations working in the cultural context of Chinese arts and Chinese cultural activities, as e.g. (registered) associations, clubs or federations/unions are possible.
5.4.3 Different entries by one user – e.g. as a teacher, as a school or for an organisation are possible. Multiple entries of a user with the same or similar content are not allowed. Such double entries can be deleted at any time due to data base maintenance.
5.4.4 There is no general entitlement to an entry in the data base. Taiji Forum reserves the right not to publish, to amend or to delete entries which do not comply with the general conditions of use.
5.4.5 Types of entries and costs Free entry
A simple entry in the database and the use of the event calendar with contact service is free for small schools / practices. However, we appreciate a voluntary contribution to support our work. From 25 Euros up, Taiji Forum will issue an invoice stating the sum for your records. Entries of large schools and organisations
Large schools and organisations pay a flat-rate charge of 120 Euros per year for the entry in the database and the use of the event calendar with contact service. The activation will take place after the payment. After the expiration of 12 months, the entry can be renewed.
5.5 Entries in the event calendar
The activation of the database entry enables the use of the event calendar with contact service. The event calendar provides a possibility to promote workshops, courses, events and meetings.
5.5.1 Contact service
The events which the users create are accompanied by a contact form for interested customers. The interested persons can enter their details in the form and they get a copy of their enquiry (workshop/organizer/place/date/own details) as a reminder for their files via e-mail. The contact details of the interested person are sent to the organizer who can directly answer the questions of the prospective customer.

5.5.2 Intermediary function of the contact service
The contact service of the event calendar is simply a means to provide an uncomplicated link between the user/organiser and his/her potential clients. If and how the user reacts to enquiries (e.g. concerning a free place at a workshop) is up to him/her. The conclusion of a contract is the decision of the contracting parties. Taiji Forum simply acts as a messenger of the enquiry. Taiji Forum is not the provider/organiser, will not be a party to the contract and is not liable for any damages or losses that may result out of the potential contractual relationship between the parties.

6. Violation of the general conditions of use
6.1 If a user violates the general conditions of use of Taiji Forum, Taiji Forum is entitled to suspend the user account or part of it. Furthermore, the user’s uploaded content can be deleted or blocked. This shall not give rise to a right of the user to claim damages against Taiji Forum.
6.2 If a user violates the general conditions of use, Taiji Forum reserves the right to bring any criminal or civil action against the user.
7. Final provisions
7.1 These general conditions of use and all transactions in connection therewith are governed by the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. The place of performance is Hannover, Germany.
7.2 The Regional Court of Hannover shall have jurisdiction to adjudicate any and all disputes arising out of this Agreement, unless mandatory statutory provisions require otherwise.
7.3 Taiji Forum is entitled to transfer the rights and obligations resulting out of these contractual conditions in whole or in part to third parties without prior notice.
7.4 If individual provisions of these general conditions of use are legally invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining clauses.

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