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Taiji Forum.comLogo-Taiji-Forum-com exists to showcase the many ways in which Taijiquan, Qigong and other Chinese Internal Arts are taught and practiced worldwide.
Our aim is to provide information about the various aspects of Chinese Internal Arts as well as exploring their cultural background of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Daoist philosophy, the classic writings and other forms of Chinese art like e.g. calligraphy.


It is roughly about 60 years ago that the Chinese Internal Arts became for the first time widely known in the so called “West” and other areas of the world. Today, Taijiquan, Qigong and Chinese Internal Arts are taught worldwide and have entered a wealth of intercultural connections.
Our vision is to connect experts and practitioners from different countries and we hope to further the exchange and build bridges between different ways to learn and teach Chinese internal arts practiced in China and elsewhere as well as between traditional and so-called “modern” approaches.



Over the course of these pages we’ve included in-depth articles on various aspects of tai chi, short, informative advisory video clips, video interviews on partner work along with brief qigong exercises to enjoy at home.
Whether your are a beginner, intermediate or advanced practitioner we include material that will help you to find out more about the art, find a qualified teacher, and get the best from your training.

Articles – So much to know…

Our articles range from “first contact” articles, which provide an overview of different kinds of Tajiiquan, Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine for newbees, to professional articles, which are more detailed and expand on special aspects of theory and training. They are designed to permit enthusiasts and/or teachers to deepen their knowledge, to get a well-founded impression of related fields of Chinese Internal Arts or simply to have a good read. All our Articles are written by experts in their fields which allows us to provide high-quality material.

Videos – So much to see…

One of the increasingly popular part of our site is the Media section where you can view videos where practitioners and teachers talk about their take on particular aspects while helping to clarify common errors in practice. Our videos are regularly updated with the newest demonstrations.

Getting into it?

Just try it! – Short Video Exercises
We also offer some short video exercises of e.g. the 8 Brocades and other Qigong sets.
Free pdf download: 18 Taijiqigong, 5 animals- more to come!
You are welcome to download a pdf with exercises like 18 Taijiqigong and 5 animal qigong.

Find a teacher! – Our Teacher Database

If you are searching for a teacher in your region or a Taijiquan or Qigong event, you might try our teacher database.

Meet new people, enhance your training! – Our Calendar

Search for Taiji and Qigong events, workshops, competitions and exchange meetings!
Our Teacher Database and our Calendar are free to use and entries are also free – so do not hesitate to leave your school details or a short notice of your workshop, your meeting or your event!


Ronnie_Nils-video-takeTaiji Forum.com is rooted in the Taiji Europa Project, which started in 2008 as a joint project of Ronnie Robinson and Nils Klug. Both Ronnie and Nils did at this time run their own schools and both were enthusiastic about connecting people – Ronnie with his Tai Chi Caledonia meeting, which takes place every summer in Stirling (Scotland), and Nils with his International Push hands Meeting, taking place annually in late winter/early spring in Hannover (Germany).
Taiji Europa was aimed at a European audience; it consisted of an English and a German sister site, which were developed separately. When Ronnie died after a short, severe illness in March 2016 Nils decided to carry on, changing the focus towards a more global perspective. Our hope is that Ronnie’s visions and his enthusiasm may live on in Taiji Forum for which he laid the base.
Today Taiji-Forum.com and its sister site Taiji-Forum.de are based in Hanover (Germany) at the Tai Chi Studio (School of Taijiquan). Our small team is connected to “Taiji” in various ways – and we like to share our passion!


We welcome contributions from practitioners of all levels, whether it be technical articles, video films or reviews of events! The only condition is that they are related to our field of interest, i.e. to the practice of Taijiquan, Qigong or other Chinese Internal Arts.
We also offer the facility for teachers to list their classes, workshops and seminars to enable our users to further their training.

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