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8 Health Exercises

8 Health Exercises after Sha Guozheng This set of 8 health exercises doesn’t leave you wishing more: It is easy to start learning and offers quite a lot if you do understand to take the poetic titles of each exercise as your script/direction and let them be unfolded! Practicing these eight health […]

Qigong and healing

Qigong and healing part 1 – Subjective effects and scientific studies General health aspects and individual healing effects Qigong, working with the Qi (life energy), is commonly known as furthering overall health. – However, its underlying idea of Yangsheng – nurturing of life force or short: care for life – […]

5 Animal Qigong

Health Qigong – Wu Qin Xi – The Five Animal Frolics Brief History Wu Qin Xi (五禽戏) – The Five Animal Frolics can be regarded as the earliest form of Medical Qigong in Chinese history, dating back to Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220). The creation of Wu Qin Xi was attributed […]

Chi Kung Healing

Chi Kung Healing – An Overview Chi Kung Healing (CKH) relates to two distinct areas: Clinical Chi Kung/ Qigong, which is treatment by the healer; and Self-Practice, which is done by the individual and often recommended by the healer. As such, it is the only healing modality that is both […]

Seasonal Qigong

Seasonal Qigong – ‘Living in tune with nature’s changes’ Seasonal Living is something that would never have been talked about 250 years ago. We got up when it was light, went to bed when it was dark, ate local produce when it was in season and joined in with the […]

Qigong for Dementia

A Study on the Effects of Qigong for People with Dementia A review by co-author Carole Milligan A study report has been published in The Journal of Dementia Care (1) which examines the observed effects of Qigong and T’ai Chi movements for people with a diagnosis of dementia. This review […]

Qigong changed my life

Qigong for ME – How Qigong practise helped an ME Sufferer I had been feeling ill for four years when I was finally given a diagnosis of ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis). This is a chronic condition with a long list of symptoms … so many symptoms, in fact, that you feel […]

Health Qigong

Qigong for health All qigong practises are health giving as the various forms and routines are designed to work on specific acupoints and key meridians to regulate and balance the flow of the internal energetic system or Qi. Although the term ‘Qigong’ is relatively new it was created to encompass […]