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The future of Tai Chi

Ken van Sickle on Cheng Man Ching Part V – The future of Tai Chi The future of Tai Chi, the styles, Tai Chi sword and the Dao Asked about his vision for the development of Tai Chi and about the developments he would like to be continued in the future, Ken […]

Tai Chi Sword Fingers

Ken Van Sickle on Tai Chi Sword Fingers During the practice of the Tai Chi Sword Forms the empty hand is held in a particular way for particular reasons. Here long-term sword practitioner Ken Van Sickle illustrates the key reasons for holding the sword fingers in the correct way. Video […]

Tai Chi Sword Handling

Ken Van Sickle on Tai Chi Sword Handling The Tai Chi Sword or ‘Jian’ is often considered to be the weapon of a gentleman. It requires the user to exercise focus, delicacy and dexterity as the weapon is gently held, rather than gripped, allowng the connection through the body to […]

Tai Chi Interview with Ken Van Sickle

Ken Van Sickle, a native of New York City, is best known for his work in recording images of film and video of Cheng Man Ching, who he was a student of Cheng Man Ching from some years. However is sword skills are exceptional and he has produced an excellent […]