INVITATIONS – Tai Chi Sword 34


We do not ‘attack’ or touch the O with the edge or point of our blade, unless we observe the O committing some excess or deficiency relative to the fencing rules or the Tai Chi principles.

We may consider the following errors

‘invitations’ to cut or thrust:


If the O’s body is not aligned, both within itself, and with the sword, as is the case where parts of his body are sticking out, collapsed, over-extended or withdrawn, or if his blade is not in correct alignment, between our blade and his body.


If his body is not centred, relative to the planet and within itself, or if the sword is not being moved by their centre and on its centre.


If he is using muscular force, and putting undue pressure on our blade, or if there is no palpable energy in his blade (dead sword).


If he is having a thought, or if he has abandoned all awareness.


If he has lost control of his central equilibrium, or has lost balance between Yin and Yang.


If he moves too slow, too fast or at the wrong time in response to our movements.

Author and Images: Ken van Sickle

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