THE TASSEL – Tai Chi Sword 33

sword tassel

The Tassel is Yin to the Sword’s Yang.

It is not necessary to use the Tassel while doing the form or fencing, but it does have some benefits.

  • The sword wields as the Tassel dances. Professor Cheng said, “While doing the form the Tassel should always be dancing.”
  • If we use our arms to move the sword instead of our centre the Tassel will slap us on the wrist (or wrap around it) as an admonishment.
  • The Tassel may be flicked at the O’s eyes giving us a moment to safely cut.
  • The Tassel may be grasped by the left hand in order to execute the “Phoenix Spreads Wings” move.
THE TASSEL - Tai Chi Sword
THE TASSEL – Tai Chi Sword


If you want to benefit from the Tassel’s charms first learn to do the sword form with it until it stops embarrassing you, and only then begin to use it while fencing.

If the Tassel hangs down like a plumb bob, we are doing the form too slowly.

In line with Taoism, the levity of our Tassel will contribute to the gravity of our root.

Author and Images: Ken van Sickle

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Image tassel: Annie Spratt