HSIN AND CHI – Tai Chi Sword 25


HSIN AND CHI [Xin and Qi]


The Chinese word ‘Hsin’ is translated as ‘Heart’ or ‘Heart Mind’ . After having heard it used over and over again in literature on the Taoist and Zen Arts, I believe that it refers to the Spirit, the part of the Soul, which operates within human experience.


Chi / Qi

Referred to as Ki in Japanese, Prana in Hindi and as Wilhelm Reich coined Orgone; the great energy that runs the Universe as it operates within the life forms on Earth.

Images: Wang, Yonghui Deistler Yi

Author and Images: Ken van Sickle

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Qi (modernized Chinese: 气, traditional Chinese: 氣, pinyin: qì, Wade-Giles Ch’i, pronunciation (soundfile)) is the Chinese term for (life) energy, which is part of everything. It is present in the “10.000 things” as well as in living beings, in which it is associated with breath and bodily functions. As a traditional notion reshaped by Daoist thought, Qi is believed both to be able to create and to destroy and is thus the central conception to underpin the teaching of healing and fighting, i.e. of Traditional Chinese MedicineQigong and Chinese (internal) martial arts.