TI FENG & FA JING – Tai Chi Sword 47




As in push hands, we yield to pressure from the O and he ‘falls’ toward us. He will probably feel it necessary to recover to centre by pushing back with his forward leg. If we follow with perfect timing our push will be dramatic and effortless, since we are synchronising our energies in the same direction.


A blast of force delivered to a target by the aligned and focused internal energies.


A student asked me if Ti Feng or Fa Jing is used while fencing. After some thought and much paying of attention while fencing I offer this.

When the O exerts pressure on your blade, if you yield to that pressure and then suddenly stop your blade, then there will be a big pressure build-up from the O, at which point you may be able to disengage and safely cut. This feels like a Ti Feng to me.

When the O grabs our sword hand or locks our sword, guard-to-guard, we may use Fa Jing exactly as we would with empty hands. On one such occasion, when I was fencing with Professor Cheng, he turned his head to give another couple of fencers some advice. I took this opportunity to lock his right wrist with my sword handle. Without any loss of time I was offered the gift of flight, and my understanding of Fa Jing expanded.

The sword itself does not need it, it has its steely hardness and it’s razor sharpness to deliver.

Author and Images: Ken van Sickle

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Art work by Yonghui Deistler-Yi