PREFACE – Tai Chi Sword 3

Tai Chi Sword, Kenneth van Sickle

The Tai Chi Classics is a small book consisting of a series of essays and poetry about Tai Chi, its principles and its dynamics. These texts are dense and cryptic, somewhat culturally specific, and replete with symbolism.

PREFACE from Ken van Sickle

They speak in depth of the Tai Chi form which contains the essential movements of Tai Chi and “Push Hands”, a physical dialogue between two ‘players’ – created to test the skills that are contained in the form, and which continue to develop in the Art.

All serious students of Tai Chi read this material repeatedly; as they progress they become more able to grasp formerly obscure concepts.

The Japanese have produced at least four classic books on swordsmanship and much of their material is also relative to the Chinese sword.
I have not encountered anything like the Japanese writings or the Chinese Tai Chi Classics concerning Tai Chi swordsmanship.
It may be that they exist but have not been found, or have not been translated as yet. I composed this book, a series of essays, equations, pictures and quotations – to offer the Tai Chi Sword enthusiast something to chew upon until one of those books shows up.

Author and Images: Ken van Sickle

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