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Tai Chi Sword Fingers

Ken Van Sickle on Tai Chi Sword Fingers During the practice of the Tai Chi Sword Forms the empty hand is held in a particular way for particular reasons. Here long-term sword practitioner Ken Van Sickle illustrates the key reasons for holding the sword fingers in the correct way. Video […]

Tai Chi Sword Handling

Ken Van Sickle on Tai Chi Sword Handling The Tai Chi Sword or ‘Jian’ is often considered to be the weapon of a gentleman. It requires the user to exercise focus, delicacy and dexterity as the weapon is gently held, rather than gripped, allowng the connection through the body to […]

Balancing the Joints

Roberick Schoorlemmer on Balancing the Joints in Tai Chi Much of the work of tai chi is achieved by paying attention to how the body feels and ‘listening’ on a very deep level. In these simple, yet highly useful exercises Roderick encourages us to become deeply aware of the paired […]

Tai Chi Centre Line

Paul Silfverstrale on Tai Chi Centre Line An integral principle of tai chi is to move from the centre. Often beginners, when learning, tend to pay attention to what is happening with the arms and upper body which causes them to move from these areas rather than from the central […]

Tai Chi Alignment: From the base of the feet to the crown

Tai Chi Alignment: From the base of the feet to the crown Following on from his previous film on this subject, Tai Chi Alignment: Part 1, Angus takes us a little further through the body from the base of the feet to the crown of the head guiding us through […]

Tai Chi Alignment

Tai Chi Alignment: From the Feet to the Hips A basic principle that is inherent to good tai chi practice is that of alignment. By making sure all parts of the body are in an optimum position the practitioner can get closer to efficiency of movement, both inside and of […]

7 Stars Stepping

Isabelle Boitiere on Tai Chi Feet: 7 Stars Stepping There are a number of key foot positions in tai chi and each of them allows for training in different applications and for enabling the practitioner to move quickly and nimbly from one position to the other.In this clip Isabelle Boitier, […]

Tai Chi Feet Positioning

Sam Masich on Tai Chi Feet Positioning In any tai chi system it is essential to get the feet positioning right. This being said wrong stances continues to be one of the most repeating errors with not only beginners but sadly, with many long-term practitioners. Time spent establishing clear stances […]

Tai Chi Hand Position

Sam Masich on Tai Chi Hand Position This little film clip, featuring Sam Masich, shows how the hands should be held in tai chi practice. Often, particularly at the beginning stages, students, because they are concentrating on what to do, tend to hold their hands in a tight or tense […]

1-Minute Grounding

Michael Plötz on 1-Minute Grounding Michael Plötz is based in Hamburg, Germany where he is a professional bodywork who uses a range of skills including, physiotherapy, osteopathy, acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. He has studied tai chi chuan for 20 years and works closely with Patrick Kelly www.michaelploetz.de Grounding is […]

Tai Chi Spear Handling

Tai Chi Spear Handling with Torben Rif The Tai Chi spear form is the shortest of all tai chi routines; this being said it doesn’t make it any less than other aspects of this ancient internal art. Probably one of the most basic tools of combat, easily created by with […]

10 Tai Chi Tips

Here are 10 basic tips which should help you to get more from your training. Take your time to consider our 10 Tai Chi Tips and try to apply them to your regular practice sessions. Tai Chi Tip 1.  Develop a deeper sense of your body and increase your awareness of […]