Push Hands

Push Hands / Pushing Hands / Tui Shou Tui Shou (Chinese: 推手, pinyin tuī shǒu; Wade-Giles: t’ui shou, pronuciation: soundfile), also called Push Hands or Pushing Hands is a two-person training routine, especially in Taijiquan but also in other internal martial arts. Continue reading Push Hands

Why Push Hands

Discussion group on push hands took place at Tai Chi Caledonia The following discussion group on push hands took place in Scotland at Tai Chi Caledonia in June 2007 and was chaired by the organiser of the event, Ronnie Robinson. Continue reading Why Push Hands

The Big Push

A proposal to stop Fixed-Step Push Hands in Tai Chi Competition There is often confusion when I explain to people that tai chi is in fact a martial art. They have seen the hand-form, and it doesn’t fit with their Continue reading The Big Push