Push Hands in Crete

Push Hands in Crete

First Push Hands workshop with Nils Klug in Crete. This workshop is part of the Push Hands Autumn 2023.

Friday evening: Introduction to Push Hands

Push Hands is the main partner exercise of Taijiquan. It is rooted in Chinese martial arts and is today practised all over the world as a fun way to explore interaction with a partner. Non-competitiveness and (silent) communication are key to learning how to react in a soft and healthy manner to all actions of our partner.

Push Hands in Crete

Saturday + Sunday: Working on Taiji principles in Push Hands

Yielding and Softness: going along with what your partner offers and finding answers – avoiding the build-up of pressure and creating opportunities
Expanding and Pushing: defending one’s space and asking questions – „taking“ action instead of giving (everything) away.

Booking via Tai Chi Ierapetra

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Push Hands Autumn 2023

Shoulder Strike

Beside the Push Hands workshop in Crete Nils Klug will be offering seminars in Italy, south of Germany and in his school in Hannover.

Playlist Push Hands Autumn 2023

We will add more videos to this playlist over the next weeks!