Tai Chi stepping rules

Tai Chi stepping

Tai Chi stepping rules 1/10

Part 1 – Always touch the ground at the point nearest to your centre

Tai Chi stepping 1/10

It does not matter in which direction you set your step: the part of your foot that is nearest to the centre line of your body should touch the ground first. Moving this way promotes stability as well as flexibility, if you should feel the need to take the step back quickly.

The rules are really easy:

  • Step to the front: Heel first.
  • Step to the back: Toes first.
  • Step outwards (opening step; i.e. widening your step to the same side of the moving leg): inner line of foot first.
  • Step inwards (closing step, i.e. step across the other leg to the side): outer line of foot first.

In the video, the stepping is done by Nils expressly to demonstrate.
In practice, there is no need to overdo it – after some practice, you will develop a natural movement that will hardly be visible.

Video Tai Chi stepping rules 1/10

Extra tip: This aspect of Tai Chi stepping is best practised in the form! If you are unsure about your foot positions, consider revising your form while checking each step.

Look out! – Working on your form, you may notice one “exception”: In some sweeps and kicks – in where the sweeping / kicking foot actually hovers closely above the ground – your attention should be on the ball of the foot rather than the heel.

Have fun moving around Tai Chi style!

Author: Gabi Kannenberg
Images: Nils Klug and Taiji Forum
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