Pushhands Patterns

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Workshop Pushhands Patterns with Ronja (Jantje) Hinze

On the basis of push hands patterns (An-Pushhands, Diamond steps, etc.) we will focus on the following aspects:

  • the direction of movement
  • transitioning
  • leading + following
  • Yin/Yang relationships
  • Application of the center
  • Attention given to the other person

All of these components support the development and unfolding of a joint and cooperative interplay. With a little patience, you can experience a mutual and enjoyable flow of movement.

Ronja (Jantje) Hinze

Pushhands with „Amplifiers“

Furniture maker, Occupational Therapist, Taijiquan and Qigong instructor. work as a Body-therapist at a psychiatric and psychotherapeutic clinic.
(Tai Chi) Life
In 1999, I went to Asia as a traveling craftswoman. A knee injury was to change my originally planned life. In 2005, during my convalescence, I found Angela Menzel and the Tai Chi Schule Göttingen. I started to learn Taijiquan, Qigong followed by Baguazhang, Tongbei and Xingyiquan.
Several training trips took me to the Sha family in Kunming, who are in regular contact with the Göttingen Tai Chi Schule Göttingen through Angela.
By 2007, I was so captivated that I began my teacher training. Learning and teaching have shaped me and my professional career ever since. Angela is still my most important teacher and companion.
I completed my Qigong training with Angela Menzel and Ramona Heister. Ramona’s Qigong in combination with the therapeutic approaches of the Laoshan Center is a great enrichment and complement to Sha Wushu.