Free Tai Chi online course complete!

Free Tai Chi online

Our free Tai Chi online course with our 8 form is now complete!

Learn Tai Chi online with Tai Chi at home!

Tai Chi online

Do you want to try Tai Chi oder experience something new on your Tai Chi way? If so, „Tai Chi at home“ with our 8 form may just be the thing for you! Our free online course features short videos, separate descriptions for each of the 8 movements and two versions of the form with instructions (movements and breathing). As a special, you can now download a pdf with the feet positions as a memory aid! This way our short form is complete!

We will add a short warm-up session for Tai Chi during the next weeks.

Tai Chi online course completed! What now?

Tai Chi Aspects

For all of you who already completed the 8 form or are already training another form and want to deepen their practice, we recommend the Tai Chi Aspects. These highlight single aspects of Tai Chi moves and may be independently trained with the 8 form as a foundation. Apart form that, they are interesting for practitioners of other Yang Style forms.

The Tai Chi Aspects are an ongoing project. New videos with short descriptions are constantly created and developed. Whether you search for a training aspect or just some food for thought, the Tai Chi aspects may also be a source for inspiration for other disciplines of body work. – Just take a look!

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Free PDF Download Graphics Feet Positions

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