5 Loosening Exercises with Master Lau K King

5 Loosening Exercises Lau K King 刘恭庆 松身五法

Huang_demo_finger_push_1Master Lau K King shows the 5 Loosening Exercises after GM Huang Sheng Shyan. This video was filmed in Stirling during the 21st Tai Chi Caledonia meeting. Contact Master Lau K King via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/james.l.king.370
Next week we will publish more Videos with demonstrations, Interviews and Qigong exercises with various teachers. An video interview with Lau K king about his teacher and Tai Chi system plus several demonstrations of this style will be online soon.

Thanks a lot to Master James Lau K King for the time, effort and open minded help in many ways at Tai Chi Caledonia 2016!

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